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Jewelry Laser Cutting Machine
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Jewelry Laser Cutting Machine

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Precision Cutting Machine 2Modern handicrafts are products that are mass-produced by machines in the era of industrialization. They have certain artistic attributes and can meet the needs of the people's daily life and have decorative and functional functions.

Crafts come from people's lives, but they create values higher than life. In order to ensure the texture of handicrafts, many handicrafts use metal as raw materials for processing, especially metal plates, which need to be cut by cutting devices. Today, I will introduce laser cutting of metal crafts to you.

Metal handicrafts are handicrafts made from metal materials such as gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, or mainly metal materials supplemented by other materials. It has a thick, vigorous, luxurious, elegant and fine style, so it is deeply loved by people, and the production technology of metal handicrafts is becoming more and more mature.

At present, various metals are often cut in the production process of metal handicrafts. Most of the metal cutting machines in the prior art use a motor to drive a disc-shaped cutting disc to rotate at a high speed for cutting, and the cutting diameter of the cutting disc cannot be change,and the shapes of metal handicrafts are strange, so they cannot be well suited to metal handicrafts and cannot meet the cutting needs of metal handicrafts. And due to the different materials of metal handicrafts, the density and cutting difficulty of metal handicrafts made of different metal materials are different, so the required cutting strength is also different, and the cutting strength of the existing cutting disc cannot be changed and cannot be well It is suitable for cutting and other problems of various metal crafts.

HANTENCNC's newly designed fiber laser cutting machine is mainly used for gold and silver jewelry cutting.

Laser precision cutting has a wide range of processing, covering almost all metals. The laser beam can be focused to a small size, especially for high-precision machining. Because laser precision machining has little effect on product quality, and the machining accuracy is relatively high, it is generally better than traditional machining.

Laser precision machining is easy to operate, and the slit width is easy to adjust. High-speed engraving and cutting can be performed immediately according to the pattern output by the computer, with fast processing speed and short processing cycle.

Laser processing adopts computer programming, which can cut products of various shapes, maximize the use of materials, and greatly reduce the material cost of enterprises.

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