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Jewelry Welding Machine Precision Welding Jewelry Repair
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Jewelry Welding Machine Precision Welding Jewelry Repair

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  During the welding process of the jewelry laser welding machine, the workpiece moves relative to the laser, so that the condensed metal is accelerated along a certain angle, the temperature of the liquid metal heat transfer is rapidly reduced, and the liquid metal forms the weld, which is firmly welded together. Not only for jewelry laser welding, but also for welding and repairing fine parts.

Gold and silver jewelry laser welding

Features of jewelry laser welding machine:

1. Jewelry laser welding machine is suitable for welding and repairing metal products, including stainless steel, 18K gold, platinum, 925 silver and other metals.

2. The jewelry laser welding machine has a built-in water-air cooling system, which is small in size, low in electricity consumption, and does not require industrial electricity, which is convenient for use in stores or workshops with small workspaces.

3. The heat-affected zone of the jewelry laser welding machine is small, the size of the welding spot can be adjusted at will, the welding spot is strong, beautiful and lubricated, the operation is convenient, the speed is fast, the efficiency is high, the depth is large, the deformation is small, and the efficiency is environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

4. The jewelry laser welding machine is small in size and light in weight; it reduces the working space and is easy to transport and move.

  Of course, jewelry laser welding machines are not only used in the jewelry welding industry, but also in other industries, such as watches, glasses, fine instruments and other industries for the welding and repair of fine parts.



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