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Jewelry laser marking machine brings a different sense of sophistication
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Jewelry laser marking machine brings a different sense of sophistication

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 Mini Laser Marking Machine (9)

  The laser marking machine uses a high-energy laser beam to evaporate the surface layer of the material, exposing its deep material, causing it to undergo chemical and physical changes to etch the desired pattern and text, forming a permanent mark, and the content is not limited, patterns, characters, logo can be identified.

  Jewelry is also divided into many materials, such as gold, silver, jade bracelets, etc. Now it generally refers to a series of ornaments such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. processed from precious metals. It is very difficult to engrave on jewelry according to the previous method , and the engraved handwriting is very "ugly". Nowadays, the jewelry laser marking machine in the laser industry can not only easily engrave jewelry, but also engrave patterns, and the effect is also very significant. The coding speed of the laser marking machine is very fast. It takes only a few seconds to use the laser coding machine to code on the jewelry bracelet, which can greatly save working time and improve practical work efficiency.

Advantages of laser marking machine

  As an advanced processing equipment, laser marking machine has fast processing speed and high efficiency. It can perform non-contact marking processing without any material loss to jewelry products, and the marking pattern is fine and beautiful, and durable. In addition, laser marking The marking method of the machine is also very flexible. Just enter the specified text or pattern in the software, and the laser marking machine can immediately mark the desired effect in a short time. In this way, the individual needs of customers are also met.

  Jewelry laser marking machine is mainly used to mark fine patterns and structures on the surface of jewelry, and achieve a more exquisite overall pattern with the brightness of gold and silver.



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