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Know These Three Points When Using a Laser Marking Machine
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Know These Three Points When Using a Laser Marking Machine

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metal laser marking machine

The application research of laser marking machine in various industries is more and more extensive. At this time, the proficiency of many small and medium-sized enterprise administrators on the use of laser marking machine is particularly important.

Today, the editor will share with you what needs to be paid attention to in the use of the laser marking machine:

1. The laser marking machine should be used as far as possible in a clean environment of 10℃-35℃, keeping the optics dry and free of dust. Usually we need to ensure an independent and closed workplace with paint or tiles on the floor, to ensure the stability of the interior, and to install air conditioners if necessary;

2. The main power supply provided by the customer must have a ground wire, and virtual connection is strictly prohibited!

3. It is best to use deionized water in the circulating cooling water tank. If there is no deionized water, distilled water can be used instead; the circulating cooling water should be replaced after a period of time (it is recommended to replace the water at least two weeks), so as not to affect the laser efficiency.



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