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Laser Coding is Laser Marking
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Laser Coding is Laser Marking

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laser marking machineFor small-batch, multi-batch, and frequently changing label printing with information content, if film printing is used, the cost is relatively high and uneconomical. If the bar code printer is used to print the bar code label and then paste it, the speed slowly and annoying, how to solve this problem? Coding technology emerged at the historic moment and developed rapidly with the development of market needs. The application fields are becoming more extensive and the benefits are obvious.

The development space of inkjet technology is broad

The application objects of inkjet technology are currently mainly divided into two categories. One is the packaging of products, which are mainly distributed in the food, beverage, alcohol and pharmaceutical industries; the other is the product itself, that is, the specifications and models of the product are marked on the product, making it a part of the product itself, mainly distributed in Wire and cable, building materials, electronic products and business printing industries. Moreover, in order to meet the requirements of fast and non-stop production in automated management lines, continuous automatic inkjet coding technology has become increasingly mature and widely used.

Coding technology has played a great role in improving the image of enterprises and products, promoting product sales, improving work efficiency, and increasing economic benefits due to its flexible use, high efficiency and low cost in bar code printing. Therefore, its application range It is developing rapidly, and the application field is also expanding and expanding with the continuous enhancement of people’s awareness of environmental protection. The requirements for the safety and low pollution of ink are getting higher and higher, especially the direct printing of barcodes on some foods.

such as fruit, eggs, etc., this is especially true, which also puts forward new requirements for the application and development of green ink, and opens up a broad market.

Laser marking technology is a rising star

Laser marking technology is a more advanced technology compared to ink jet coding technology. According to the survey, laser marking has developed very fast in the past two years and its application range has become wider and wider. In addition to the general information labeling function, the anti-counterfeiting function of laser marking technology is more significant.

At present, its application is mostly in the tobacco industry, and its applications in other industries such as beverages, food, pharmaceuticals, and electronics are also expanding.



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