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Laser Lens Cleaning and Maintenance
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Laser Lens Cleaning and Maintenance

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100mm lens model of Opex wavelength

Laser lens cleaning steps:

(1). Hand wash, blow dry or leave to dry

(2). Put on finger cots

(3) Gently remove the lens for inspection

(4) First use an air ball or nitrogen to blow off the dust on the surface of the lens

(5) Remove the residue with a cotton ball dipped in mirror liquid

(6) Gently wipe with an appropriate amount of lens-wiping liquid with lens-wiping paper, and do not wipe in a rotating manner

(7) Replace the lens cleaning paper and repeat the steps, do not reuse the same lens cleaning paper

(8) Use an air ball to blow the mirror surface clean

Laser lens maintenance taboo:

(1) Touch the mirror with your hand

(2) Breathe air on the mirror surface or blow it with air from an air compressor

(3) The mirror surface directly touches the surface of the hard object

(4) Wipe with non-lens paper (stick) or forcefully wipe the laser lens

(5) Press firmly when disassembling and assembling the lens



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