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Laser Marking Machine Marking Bird Ring
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Laser Marking Machine Marking Bird Ring

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ring birdWhat is a bird ring?

Migratory birds come and go in spring and autumn. Where do they come from, where they go, and whether they will return in the coming year has always been a natural mystery that people are interested in. There is a legend in China. Two thousand years ago, in order to know whether the house swallows in front of the window would return to the old nest next year, the maid of the court tied a red thread to the swallow's leg as a mark to obtain the exact information about the migration of the swallow. Nowadays, people no longer use this primitive method, but instead use bird rings to mark individual migratory birds, which is like wearing an "identity card" to the birds. This method is called ring marking in ornithology.

The bird ring is a simple way to study the life history, population dynamics of birds, especially the migratory laws of birds by marking individuals. Usually, people catch birds that need to be known in places where birds are concentrated (such as breeding grounds, wintering grounds, or migratory stopovers), and fix special metal rings or colored plastic rings with the mailing address and the unique number of the National Ring Logging Center . Mark the unit, time, and location on the  bird ring, and release it in place after registration, so that you can get the relevant information when you catch it again in other places. 

The bird ring has extensive and far-reaching significance, mainly in:

1. Describe in detail the overwintering areas of bird breeding populations and the breeding areas of overwintering populations;

2. Discover the normal migration routes of birds, and determine the important stopping places for each kind of birds;

3. Determine the general migration schedule, duration of migration and the impact of climate on migration of birds;

4. Determine the average life expectancy, reproduction start age, reproduction duration and maximum life expectancy of each bird;

5. Investigate the annual number changes, seasonal distribution and causes of death, the ratio of young birds in the population between different seasons and different years, and monitor some common population trends;

How is the bird ring made?

Speaking of the production of bird rings, of course, it is inseparable from the laser marking machine. The bird ring is made of nickel-copper alloy or aluminum-magnesium alloy. The country, institution, address (mailbox number) and the type and number of the bird ring are engraved on it. First determine the appropriate size of the foot ring, buy a bird ring of the appropriate size, and then use a laser marking machine to engrave the unique number or name of each bird on the surface of the bird ring for identification. If you want to make bird rings or other animal tags, please contact us, we can provide you with bird ring and laser marking machine, and teaching you how to use laser machine to mark bird rings and other animal tags.



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