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Laser Marking Machine Marking Table Tennis Racket
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Laser Marking Machine Marking Table Tennis Racket

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A racket is to table tennis lovers what a sushi knife is to a sushi chef. Every table tennis lover will want to have a custom racket that is unique to them. The emergence of laser marking technology has fulfilled the wishes of enthusiasts, as long as the patterns and characters are drawn, under the control of the computer, the laser marking machine can print various graphics, characters and symbols on the table tennis racket, and the operation is very convenient.

Laser marking is to use a laser beam to mark a permanent mark on the plastic surface or handle of a table tennis racket. Through the evaporation of the surface material, the deep material is exposed, so as to engrave exquisite patterns, trademarks and characters. Compared with traditional ink spray paint, laser marking The advantage of the standard machine is that it has no consumables and is permanent.

Laser marking acts on a small hot area of the racket, which will not cause deformation. At the same time, it has no force on the table tennis racket, no mechanical contact, and prevents damage to the surface of the racket.

The emergence and use of laser marking technology has realized the personalized racket customization needs of the majority of fans, especially for children's fans, a beautiful and cute racket has a certain maintenance effect on the maintenance of interest.

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