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Laser Marking Machine can Eliminate the Date Game of Food Packaging
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Laser Marking Machine can Eliminate the Date Game of Food Packaging

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laser markerIn recent years, "food safety" has been a hot topic. Nowadays, people no longer only pay attention to packaging, taste, and price, but pay more attention to the safety of food, but what is less known is that food packaging on the market is mixed, and even the shelf life that people most believe can be faked. As an advanced laser processing equipment, the laser marking machine is applied to the food packaging industry, which will help curb the "date game" on food packaging from the source.

An industry insider said: "Whether it is printing or printing, as long as the ink is used, it can be altered. The printing time information can be adjusted arbitrarily within three years."

So how to curb the "date game" on food packaging from the source?

A more effective measure is to use laser marking to "engrave" the production date and other information on the package with a laser. Laser marking machine is a marking method that uses high energy density laser to locally irradiate the workpiece to vaporize the surface material or cause a chemical reaction of color change, thereby leaving a permanent mark. It has high marking accuracy and high speed, clear marking and other features.

But many food manufacturers do not want to buy. The main reason is that the cost is too high, and the equipment price is about twice that of the ink equipment. This is not the case. In the initial stage, the price of laser marking equipment may indeed be higher than that of ink equipment. However, in the long run, laser marking equipment can reduce production costs, reduce consumables, improve production efficiency, environmental protection, safety, and no harmful effects to the human body and the environment. Chemical material. Then the inkjet machine needs to continue to bear the cost for the purchase of ink in the later period.

The laser marking machine can print a large amount of data in a very small range. The laser can mark the product material itself with a very fine beam. The printing accuracy is extremely high, the control is accurate, and the printing content is clearly and perfectly interpreted. Market competitiveness, environmental protection and safety, without any corrosiveness, completely isolated from chemical pollution, is also a kind of intimate protection for operators, ensuring the cleanliness of the production site, reducing subsequent investment, and reducing noise pollution.



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