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Laser Marking Machine for Auto Parts, Fast Marking with 3D Surface Technology
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Laser Marking Machine for Auto Parts, Fast Marking with 3D Surface Technology

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Laser Marking machineAuto parts,as an important part of the car,Including engine parts such as cylinder block, transmission parts such as accelerator, brake system parts such as brake pads and so on. Today we will introduce the auto parts laser marking machine.

When the car is repaired, it is necessary to replace the car parts with the same model to ensure the normal use of the car. However, if the car parts are damaged and need to be replaced with parts of the same model, you need to know the model of the car parts, Therefore, it is necessary to carry out laser marking on automobile parts to mark various models and other information. It is conducive to the tracking and traceability of the part, and the marking content is also the carrier of the part information.

Laser marking technology is one of the largest application areas of laser processing. Laser marking is a marking method that uses a high-energy-density laser to locally irradiate the workpiece to vaporize or change the color of the surface material, thereby leaving a permanent mark.

When marking auto parts, it is necessary to clamp the parts to ensure the stability of the parts marking. However, the traditional clamping device for auto parts is inconvenient to adjust according to the size or shape of the parts, so it cannot meet the clamping requirements of auto parts. As a result, the structure of the part itself will be damaged when the part is marked.

The stage of the existing two-dimensional laser marking equipment is fixed. The equipment first locates the position of the part, and then drives the laser head to move to the appropriate position for marking. This requires high precision of the laser head position adjustment mechanism, complicated control procedures, and high equipment use and maintenance costs.

In order to solve the problems of auto parts marking and various 3D marking, HANTENCNC developed and produced auto parts laser marking machineWith three-dimensional surface three-dimensional marking function, the focusing spot is fine, and the marking effect is consistent.Equipped with special fixtures suitable for fixing auto parts, and other fixtures of different specifications and sizes can also be customized to meet the needs of users' production site process applications.

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