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Laser Marking Machine for Gold Sliver Cutting
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Laser Marking Machine for Gold Sliver Cutting

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gold cutting machine

In the previous article, we introduced a portable desktop machine for marking rings. This time we will introduce a machine for cutting gold and silver necklaces.

More and more customers like unique and personalized products, Jinan HANTEN CNC provides you the MINI SEALED MACHINE with simple operation for gold sliver engraving and cutting. This model is very popular in the European and American markets. It has a sealing cover, safe operation and environmental protection.

How To Cutting Gold and Silver Necklaces

The fiber laser marking machine can mark on ring and bracelet or mark pattern as a personalized customization give your lover as gift. It is very highly significant to give customized gifts. But if you can make a necklace and engrave with your lover's name it is also very highly significant. Of course,  it can not only cut gold and silver, but also brass and other metals.

 If you want to cut, we recommend using it with a gold and silver cutting table. In this way, the machine will be more stable when it is working, and the cutting effect will not be bad due to the disorder of the material.

Our Advantages

Compared with the traditional hand-cutting of necklaces, the necklaces cut by HANTEN CNC machines are not only beautiful, but also very efficient.

Our machine can also be equipped with a recycling device, so that the cut gold and silver powder can be recycled and reused without waste.

Telling us your idea, let us customize a reasonable plan for you!



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