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Laser Marking Machine
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Laser Marking Machine

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Auto focusWhat is the Laser Marking Machine?

The laser marking machine uses laser beam to mark on different material surface. The marking effect exposes the deep material through the evaporation of surface material so that could engrave precise patterns, trademarks and words. Jinan Hanteng Laser Technology Co., Ltd mainly produces fiber laser marking machine, Co2 laser marking machine, uv laser marking machine and laser engraving and cutting machine. At present, laser marking machines are mainly used in some occasions with finer requirements and higher progress. They are mainly used in electronic components, integrated circuits, electrical appliances, manual communication, hardware products, tool accessories, precision instruments, eye watches, jewelry, auto parts, and plastic keys, building materials, PVC pipe and other industries. Laser marking machine has been very common in industrial applications, many customers will consider many factors when choosing to buy laser marking machine. Next we will guide you on how to choose a suitable machine for yourself.

How to Choose a Laser Marking Machine?

1. Considering what material you want to mark

According to the different types of lasers, there are many types of laser marking machines such as fiber laser marking machine, Co2 laser marking machine and uv laser marking machine and so on. For metal products and non-metal products, users should choose the most suitable type of marking machine. According to the different processing materials, you should choose the most suitable machine for yourself.

2. Choose the machine according to the needs of the processed products

Laser equipment can be divided into engraving, cutting and marking in different ways of use, some are dedicated machines, and some have multiple functions, which should be selected according to the main requirements.

3. According to the different processing area to choose the most suitable field theta, or reserve several field thetas with different scanning ranges

The larger the range that the field lens can scan, of course the more popular it is with customers. However, if the scanning range is increased, the focus spot becomes larger, and the distortion degree also increases. In addition to enlarge the scanning range, the focal length and working distance of the field lens should also be enlarged. The lengthening of working distance will inevitably lead to the loss of laser energy. And the focal spot diameter is proportional to the focal length, which means that the scanning range is increased, the focal spot diameter is increased, and the spot is not fine enough, the power density of the laser decreases very fast, which is not conducive to processing. So choosing a right field lens is the right thing.

4. Choose a best company

Customers should not only pay attention to the quality of the product and the qualification of the company when choosing, but also know the services provided by the laser marking machine company in detail. Jinan Hanteng Laser Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacture in China for more than five years, we have our own factory. Mainly produces laser marking machines and laser engraving cutting machine.

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