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Laser Marking Machine

laser marking machineAre you looking forward to buying an affordable laser marking machine for DIY gifts, jewelry, labels, artwork, packaging, fabrics, leather, glass, etc. at home? Are you looking forward to learning how to use a laser marking machine? We will provide you with the most popular laser marking machine and customized marking machine service and after-sales service in 2021. Allows you to learn how to use the marking machine at home to meet your laser marking machine projects and plans.

Laser marking is a new type of marking technology. It uses optical fiber, CO2 or UV laser beams to leave letters, numbers, signs, patterns, pictures, photos and other permanent marks on the 2D/3D surface. It is mainly used for industrial products. , Medical, aviation, home DIY customization and other industries

What is the laser marking machine used for?

Laser marking machine is divided into fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, UV laser marking machine, green laser marking machine, etc. The appearance and function can be customized according to different needs. Fiber laser is mainly used for metal marking, and can be used for deep carving, such as rings, lipstick shells, necklaces, etc. CO2 laser marking machine is mainly used for non-metal marking, such as wood, carton, PE, PET materials, etc. UV laser marking machine belongs to precision marking, mainly used for marking mobile phone chargers, tableware, glasses and other products.

How to use laser marking machine?

1. During the boot process, after plugging in the power supply, make sure that all circuits are normal, turn on the power of the laser marking machine and the computer, and check whether all components are normal. Remove the lens cap. At this point, the laser marking machine has been turned on, and the operator's command can be accepted for marking operations.

2. In the marking process, click on the golden orange software, edit the text and pattern you want, and modify it.

3. Marking test, place a test piece equal to the height of the marking workpiece on the workbench (it is better to choose the marked workpiece as the test piece), And confirm whether the test piece is stable, adjust the focus by adjusting the head lifting device, adjust the software parameters to ensure the best marking effect. Turn on the red light indicator and mark the test piece. After the test piece has achieved good results, we can mark our work piece.

4. Turn off the laser machine, first turn off the software, and then turn off the laser marking machine and the computer. Remember not to directly unplug the main power switch. This will affect the service life of the laser marking machine. Finally, close the lens cover and clean it well.

5. We will provide the basic operation video of the laser marking machine for you to learn, and we will also install the software for you and put it in the U disk. If you have any questions, you can find our technician at any time, and he will answer your questions.





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