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Laser Welding Machine Projects

  • Aluminum alloy materials have high strength and good mechanical properties, and are widely used in life and industrial production. The aluminum alloy laser welding process is a new generation welding method with laser as a high energy density light source. It has the advantages of fast heating and h

  • Introduction of gold laser welding machine model: This model is a product of HanTenCNC laser specially designed for jewelry laser welding. It is mainly used for hole filling and spot welding trachoma of gold and silver jewelry. Laser spot welding is one of the important aspects of the application of

  • During the welding process of the jewelry laser welding machine, the workpiece moves relative to the laser, so that the condensed metal is accelerated along a certain angle, the temperature of the liquid metal heat transfer is rapidly reduced, and the liquid metal forms the weld, which is firmly wel

  • Since 2019, handheld laser welding equipment has ushered in a development boom, and almost all integrated equipment companies are involved in this product. However, according to market feedback, long-term use at work will cause arm fatigue, manual operation will cause welding defects, welding of com

  • The process of copper laser weldingAt present, in industrial manufacturing, the consumption of non-ferrous metals, copper, ranks second, second only to aluminum. Copper is widely used in construction industry, electrical, machinery manufacturing and other industries. Red copper has good electrical a

  • Fiber lasers are used in many occasions, and laser welding is one of the most important fields. Because of this, laser welding machines are also one of the more commonly used laser processing equipment. Laser welding uses a high-energy-density laser beam as a heat source to melt and solidify the sur

  • Stainless steel products can be seen everywhere in our lives, ranging from airplanes, automobiles, ships, industrial production lines, to medical equipment, gold and silver jewelry and so on. The traditional welding methods of stainless steel products are argon arc welding, resistance welding, etc.,

  • Aluminum and its aluminum alloys play a pivotal role in various materials used in modern engineering technology. The annual output is second only to steel, ranking first in non-ferrous metals. If aluminum alloys first appeared in the aviation industry, then in recent decades, in addition to the avia

  • First of all, laser welding cannot completely replace TIG welding at present, and can only be used as an auxiliary product ofTIG welding. The two welding methods have their own characteristics and usage scenarios.Rapid Development of Laser WeldingLaser processing and manufacturing has developed rapi

  • Early hand-held laser welding machines used water cooling for heat dissipation. Although this method is complicated in structure, it is easy to maintain. The water-cooled laser welding machine is the first handheld laser welding machine, which has realized the transformation from scratch. However, i

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