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Laser Welding Machine Wire Feeding Reasons and Benefits
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Laser Welding Machine Wire Feeding Reasons and Benefits

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hand laser welding machine In the laser welding process of aluminum, titanium and copper alloys, due to the high reflectivity of aluminum, copper and other materials to the laser (>90%), the photo-induced plasma has a certain shielding for the laser. And defects such as pores and cracks are prone to occur in welding, which may affect the quality of laser welding.

In addition, when the thin plate is laser-tailored, when the fitting gap of the workpiece is greater than 0.2mm, the laser welding effect will also be affected. The welding wire of the laser wire feeder is used as a filler, which can make the metal welding more firm.

The filler can be in the form of welding wire, or in the form of powder, or in the form of a pre-filled filler. Since the laser focusing spot is small (0.1~1mm), the diameter of the filler wire is required to be small (0.6~1.5mm), and the welding wire requires high directivity during the wire feeding process.



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