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Laser cutting advertising words, decorated with colorful urban space
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Laser cutting advertising words, decorated with colorful urban space

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  The innovation of laser technology is changing all aspects of life. When the lights are on, you are in a dazzling array of streets and alleys. The colorful advertising words are either lively and agile, or high-end and elegant, dressing up colorful urban spaces. The laser-cut advertising words have great visual impact Colorful, interpreting the urban story of laser cutting.

  Due to the unique properties of metal hardness, stain resistance, and suitable for outdoor use, it is the best choice for advertising words. With the continuous development of science and technology, new technologies and new thinking are continuously applied to the advertising decoration industry, especially the wide application of laser cutting technology, which stimulates the infinite creativity of a new generation of advertising decoration.

Advantages of laser cutting advertising word process:

  Laser cutting advertising word is to use high-energy beam to automatically and quickly cut metal workpieces. When using it, you only need to input the required metal word graphics and patterns into the computer, or directly draw the start button through the built-in professional software. The product can be cut with one click. It saves a lot of manual alignment, manual scribing and other work, and the laser cutting software has the function of intelligently optimizing typesetting, without any additional molds, patterns and other consumables, which can minimize material waste and save costs.

  Compared with traditional cutting methods, laser cutting advertising words is a new generation of intelligent processing methods. The cutting process is simple and easy to operate, and new workers can get started quickly after simple training. Because it is non-contact cutting, laser cutting will not cause any damage to the workpiece, and will not cause deformation of the advertising word workpiece. The cutting surface is smooth and free of dust and burrs. It can be directly used for welding, coating, baking paint, bending and other processing. The high flexibility of laser cutting is not only suitable for the cutting of flat advertising words, but also can be used for cutting various specifications on any curved surface and special-shaped surface. It is widely used in stainless steel, carbon steel, silicon steel and other materials to meet the rapid change of modern consumption and aesthetic needs. And the laser cutting advertising word equipment runs stably and has very low energy consumption, which is an ideal choice for the processing of medium and thin metal sheets.



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