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Laser removal method of aluminum alloy oxide layer
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Laser removal method of aluminum alloy oxide layer

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  With the rapid development of the transportation industry, the three major issues of energy consumption, safety and environmental protection have become increasingly prominent. The use of lightweight structural materials to manufacture vehicles such as automobiles, trains, and airplanes is conducive to reducing energy consumption, reducing pollution emissions, and improving handling performance and safety properties.

  Aluminum alloys have the advantages of high specific strength, good toughness, excellent processing performance, and good corrosion resistance, etc., and are widely used as welding components for car bodies and fuselage. The chemical properties of aluminum alloy are active, and it is easy to react with oxygen in the air to form an aluminum oxide film on the surface, that is, an oxide layer. Aluminum alloys must be treated to remove oxide film before welding. Improper cleaning will leave pores, inclusions, unfused and other defects, which will seriously affect the mechanical and chemical properties of aluminum alloy welded components, and leave hidden dangers to the safety of automobiles and aircraft. Traditional the cleaning method has disadvantages such as high damage and incomplete cleaning, and sometimes causes environmental pollution and other problems.

Advantages of Laser Cleaning Machines:

  Laser cleaning is a new type of process. Due to its special working principle, it can be automatically controlled without contact with the workpiece, no grinding, and no chemical reagents during processing. The advantages of environmental protection, high efficiency and stability, and low operating costs. The laser cleaning efficiency is high, the cleaning quality is good, the applicable object is wide, the substrate damage is small, the labor intensity is low, the environment is not polluted, and it is easy to realize automation. Mainly used for laser cleaning and surface laser pretreatment of mobile phone casings, precision molds, metal products, ships, automobiles, medical equipment, sheet metal/spraying and other metal surfaces.

  The above is the whole content of the laser removal method of HanTenCNC aluminum alloy oxide layer. To purchase related laser equipment, welcome to consult.




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