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Laser welding and TIG welding
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Laser welding and TIG welding

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  First of all, laser welding cannot completely replace TIG welding at present, and can only be used as an auxiliary product ofTIG welding. The two welding methods have their own characteristics and usage scenarios.

Rapid Development of Laser Welding

  Laser processing and manufacturing has developed rapidly in China in the past decade, and one of the important performances driving the market growth is the replacement of traditional processes by lasers. From the past screen printing and knife engraving to today's laser marking and engraving, from the past punch and blade cutting to today's laser cutting, from traditional chemicals, pickling to today's laser cleaning, there have been major changes. On the basis of environmental protection and green manufacturing, the process is more efficient, the output is larger, and the process effect is more beautiful. This is the technological progress brought by lasers, and it is also an inevitable trend of industrial technology development.

  At the end of 2018, laser welding began to be applied on a large scale. The biggest feature of laser welding is that the welding is beautiful and does not require high skills for workers. Generally, it can be mastered in half a day; whileTIG welding has high technical requirements on workers and takes several years. Cultivation and growth, invisibly increase the cost of the company.

Comparison of laser welding and TIG welding in stainless steel welding

TIG welding

  Taking stainless steel welding as an example, there are a large number of welding processes in reality, most of which are ordinaryTIG welding and spot welding. After so many years of development, manual operation is still widely used, and there are many such welders.TIG welding is widely used in kitchen utensils, kitchen supplies, bathroom hardware, stainless steel doors and windows, anti-theft nets, stainless steel furniture, hotel decoration and other industries with a large amount of stainless steel. This manual welding is actually a traditional low-end welding process in terms of welding nature, generally welding stainless steel plates and stainless steel pipes. Only arc welding is now replaced by laser welding, which is very similar in operation. General welders can get started with hand-held laser welding in less than half a day of training, so it has a very high potential to replace traditionalTIG welding.

Although the purchase cost of TIG welding is low, the use cost is high

  TIG welding often requires the welding wire to be melted and connected, resulting in a protruding weld, while laser welding does not require welding wire and the interface is relatively smooth. TIG welding has been developed for many years and is currently the welding process with the largest inventory, while laser welding is a rapidly developing emerging process, but the total amount is only a small part of welding. Replacing part of TIG welding with laser welding is an inevitable trend. Currently, TIG welding is very popular in terms of procurement costs.

  At present, welding machines forTIG welding are generally available for several thousand yuan, and the cheapest may be only more than 2,000 yuan. In addition, the small welding torch, welding wire, argon and other supporting products are all within 1,000 yuan. A complete set costs about 3,000 yuan. As for handheld laser welding equipment, it was more than 150,000 yuan at the beginning of 2019. Later, the competition gradually became fierce, and the number of handheld welding equipment manufacturers also increased a lot. It is now 60,000 yuan (1 kW) cheaper. .

Rapid Development of Handheld Welding Machine Assisted Sheet Metal Welding

hand-held laser welder

  Now, more and more customers choose laser welding machines, which can replace more labor and save a lot of money for the company. Laser welding machine welding is firm and beautiful, especially when welding straight seams, the speed is more than ten times that ofTIG welding. Laser welding andTIG welding currently have their own advantages, but it will be a trend in the future to replaceTIG welding with laser welding.



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