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Laser welding technology - leading scientific and technological progress
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Laser welding technology - leading scientific and technological progress

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  Welding technology is familiar to everyone. Compared with traditional welding, some difficult-to-contact parts are difficult to weld. The effect of traditional welding is often unsatisfactory, and there are problems such as imprecise gaps and unsightly welds. Welding machines can do it all. Optical fiber transmission laser welding machine is a kind of laser welding equipment that couples high-energy laser beams into optical fibers, and after long-distance transmission, is collimated into parallel light by a collimating mirror, and then focused on the workpiece for welding. For the parts that are difficult to access to welding, flexible transmission non-contact welding is implemented, which has greater flexibility.

Application of Laser Welding Technology

  Laser welding machine technology is widely used in high-precision manufacturing fields such as automobiles, ships, aircraft, and high-speed rail, which has brought a significant improvement to people's quality of life, and has led the home appliance industry into the era of precision work. Especially after the 42-meter seamless welding technology created by Volkswagen, which greatly improved the integrity and stability of the body, Haier Group, a leading home appliance company, grandly launched the first washing machine produced with laser seamless welding technology. This home appliance is cherished by the people. The advancement of science and technology and advanced laser technology can bring huge changes to people's lives. With the continuous consolidation of the global brand status of washing machines, its leadership in the industry has begun to fully demonstrate. However, with the support of laser welding machine technology, there will also be a deeper reform of the home appliance industry. In addition, it was also learned that the "high-power laser welding machine technology" jointly developed by the Sino-German shipbuilding industry ensures the safety of the ship and further strengthens the hull structure; in the aviation field, laser seamless welding technology has also been widely used. In the manufacture of aircraft engines, at the same time, the laser seamless welding technology of aluminum alloy fuselage can replace rivets, thereby reducing the weight of the fuselage by 20%; my country's high-speed rail tracks have also introduced laser seamless welding technology, which improves safety performance at the same time. It also greatly reduces noise, bringing passengers a quiet and comfortable ride environment.

  With the comprehensive development of science and technology, the continuous consolidation and application of laser welding machine technology has also led the global home appliance industry into a new era. The new process is not only the upgrade of products, but also the display and application of more technologies. If you want to know more about the laser welding machine, please feel free to contact us.



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