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Leather Strap Laser Marking Machine for Good News for Guitarist
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Leather Strap Laser Marking Machine for Good News for Guitarist

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Guitar straps are easy to be ignored by everyone. Poor quality straps are easy to slip off and break the instrument. Good quality straps are generally not too fancy. The leather strap laser marking machine makes the beauty and quality of the guitar strap coexist.

leather laser marking machine

The beating notes are captured by the leather strap laser marking machine and compiled into a delicate and delicate music (back) score (belt). Compared with traditional processing methods, the processing accuracy of the laser process can reach within millimeters, and the processing speed is fast. It does not require tens of thousands of percussion and tempering to make a guitar strap that makes people put it down.

leather laser marking machine 2

The charm of laser-marked leather lies in the expression of emotion and temperature. After drawing on the computer, the leather strap laser marking machine can engrave exquisite images, logos or text on the guitar strap, telling a warm story. The story of engraving is passed on and carried on like a permanent laser marking.

leather laser marking machine 3

The non-contact laser marking process will not damage the guitar strap, without mechanical deformation and internal stress. Whether it is the front or the back, laser marking technology is not a problem, and the texture of the processed leather itself is not reduced at all.

In the leather world, the laser process saves the cost in the production process for the processing of leather products, and at the same time, combined with the numerical control system, the leather industry has entered a new era of digital processing. HANTENCNC leather marking machine integrates laser engraving, flower burning, hollowing out and perforating, and customizes exclusive laser application solutions for you. Leather strap laser marking machine makes your leather innovations come true!



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