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Look at These Three Points When Purchasing a Laser Marking Machine
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Look at These Three Points When Purchasing a Laser Marking Machine

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laser marking machine

1. First of all, pay attention to the price of laser marking machines. The price has always been the focus of consumers, but the principle of getting what you pay for every penny should be understood. Only the combination of cost performance and practicality will be liked by consumers, so the price is an important reference point.

2. The main performance of the laser marking machine. Next, what we need to pay attention to is that the marking, clear, concise and beautiful characters of the laser marking machine equipment in the production practice will be loved by ordinary users, manufacturers and consumers. Test to see if the device can still only mark the dynamic legacy, see if you can play a variety of standard fonts (not only RBI form fonts), and now more and more products, more and more technology, only dynamic play The standard has been unable to meet the needs of all aspects. There are only two static and dynamic bindings, which signify stability and are good equipment.

3. Understand the structure of the internal parts of the laser marking machine, in addition, we must pay attention to the built-in system equipment and software, the technical differences between domestic and foreign laser marking machines, resulting in different software operations and different degrees of complexity , The control system of Hanteng laser marking machine, as an international well-known brand, the system is stable and reliable, no crash, slow response and a series of models may have shortcomings, while Hanteng's powerful laser software can adapt to almost any product, any high The mark of quality, marking any situation and condition of production conditions, is represented by a fully functional and powerful laser machine.



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