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MOPA Fiber Laser Source Marking Color on Stainless Steel
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MOPA Fiber Laser Source Marking Color on Stainless Steel

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MOPAStainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance, wear resistance, toughness, manufacturability, non-toxicity and clean decoration, and has been widely used in building materials, kitchenware and bathroom, automobiles, decoration, arts and crafts and other fields. Stainless steel products have become an indispensable tool or material in people’s daily lives. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people’s pursuit of products is not only limited to its functions, but also the added value of the product’s appearance, features, and artistic temperament. More and more requirements have been put forward.

Because the natural color of stainless steel is silvery white, it gives people a sense of monotony and indifference. Inspired by pattern decoration, people began to pursue different colors of stainless steel, giving people a warm and soft feeling, and increasing its added value. Stainless steel not only maintains all its original characteristics, but also the chemical resistance and aging resistance of colored stainless steel have been significantly improved compared with the original performance. Colored stainless steel not only reflects its artistic side, but also more in line with people's pursuit for products.

Coloring process of stainless steel

According to the widely used coloring technology of stainless steel, the coloring of stainless steel can be roughly divided into three categories: chemical coloring, electrochemical coloring, and laser marking. The first two are traditional coloring technologies. This article mainly introduces the principle and application of MOPA laser source marking method.

In chemical and electrochemical coloring methods, due to the extensive use of chemical reagents, the proportion of the oxidizing solution in the coloring process is very strict. The oxidation process is not easy to control, and irritating or toxic gases are inevitably produced. In addition, with the strengthening of environmental protection policies of governments around the world and the enhancement of people's environmental awareness, these two types of traditional stainless steel coloring technologies cannot be widely promoted.

The principle of MOPA laser source marking color on stainless steel

The principle of stainless steel coloring: under the action of laser heat, the surface of stainless steel produces colored oxide or a colorless and transparent oxide film, which exhibits various colors due to the interference effect of light film. The color effect produced by stainless steel is mainly due to the interference effect of the film.

The pulsed laser beam acts on the surface of stainless steel to form a layer (a few hundred nanometers) of translucent oxide film on the metal surface. When light enters the oxide film at a certain angle α, a part of the light is reflected on the contact surface of the air and the oxide layer to form a direct Reflected light, another part of the light is refracted into the translucent oxide layer and then refracted into the air to form refracted light, which interferes with the original reflected light. Due to this interference phenomenon of light, some wavelengths of light are strengthened, and some wavelengths of light are cancelled and comprehensive form different color effects.

Advantages of MOPA laser source marking color on stainless steel

Compared with traditional coloring methods, MOPA laser source marking color has many advantages:

(1) Non-contact processing, no consumables, no need to remove materials, not easy to wipe, and high anti-counterfeiting;

(2) No chemical coloring, environmental protection and pollution-free, to avoid the production of toxic and harmful substances;

(3)The process is simple, the operation is simple, and the product has high added value. It can mark patterns and texts in any color.

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