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Market Analysis of Handheld Laser Welding Machine
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Market Analysis of Handheld Laser Welding Machine

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Hand-held laser welding machines are currently on the market with a wide range of uses. Because of their cost-effectiveness and longevity applications, they are generally recognized by the public. Therefore, the price issue has always been an important point of people’s attention. Hand-held laser welding machines are sold at this stage. With a very low price and fool-like operation, it has become a universal device.

When I encounter customers who always use other cheap handheld laser welding machine equipment prices to lower our prices, the price difference is more than 20,000 to 30,000. How can I talk to him? Each company has its own positioning and development direction. Some companies focus on high-end customers and seek development through quality. Some manufacturers make money by recharging prices and selling sales for survival. Everyone knows that there are lasers, welding heads, power supplies, chillers, metal cabinets, industrial computers, and even as small as a screw on a piece of equipment. Secondly, there are gaps in comprehensive considerations such as the technical level of adjustments and service behaviors. It depends on how you choose?

Major manufacturers widely believe that the quality of a welding machine lies in the welding technique, but ignores the welding process and quality. Hand-held welding machines are currently emerging products, causing major domestic manufacturers to flock, but due to the high price of the product. The sales volume has forced manufacturers to reduce their prices and turn industrial products into fast-moving consumer goods. In order to earn a wave of dollars, this is often in the transitional consumer market. HANTEN CNC adheres to the concept of quality first and maintenance-free welding machines. Insist on quality control, rather than sacrificing profit and sales, but also improving quality.

HANTEN CNC specializes in conquering a number of laser equipment manufacturing technologies. The main research and development of equipment manufacturing technology: laser marking technology, laser cutting technology, laser welding technology, laser cleaning technology, automatic non-standard technology, etc. For a long time, Hanteng Laser has won the trust of many customers by virtue of scientific management, innovation and pioneering spirit, stable and reliable equipment quality and thoughtful and perfect service.



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