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Meet HATENCNC UV Laser Marking Machine
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Meet HATENCNC UV Laser Marking Machine

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  Ultraviolet laser marking machine is also known as ultraviolet laser marking machine, UV ultraviolet laser marking machine, ultraviolet laser laser engraving machine. Principle of UV laser marking machine: like the general fiber laser marking machine, it also makes the laser beam mark a permanent mark on the surface of the product material. The feedback mechanism in UV laser processing is realized by photochemical dissolution. According to the laser energy, the bonds between atoms or molecules are broken, and the small molecules are vaporized and evaporated. The focusing spot is extremely small, and the processing heat affected zone is very small, so ultra-fine marking and extra-material marking can be performed.

What are the application scope of UV laser marking machine?

  With the rapid development of laser equipment and the improvement of the power of UV laser marking machines, UV laser marking machines have been used in the high-end environmental trend of ultra-fine processing.For example, surface marking of packaging bottles for iPhone, cosmetics, medicines, food and other polymer materials; marking and scribing of flexible PCB boards; processing of micro-holes and blind holes of silicon wafers; surface of LCD liquid crystal glass, glassware, Metal surface coating, plastic buttons, electronic components, gifts, communication equipment, equipment materials and other platforms.

What are the advantages of UV laser marking machine?

  On each product, we all see more or less words, patterns, etc. These patterns or words are actually marked with ultraviolet lasers. Compared with traditional marking machines, ultraviolet laser marking the marking results of the marking machine are more precise, more environmentally friendly, more intelligent, and more in line with the automation needs of contemporary industries.

UV laser marking machine for marking plastic glass



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