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Mopa Color Fiber Laser Marking Machine
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Mopa Color Fiber Laser Marking Machine

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mopa color sample

Lasers are used more and more widely in society. Lasers are used in many different industries such as automotive, aerospace, medical, oil and gas, electronics, etc. It is an innovation in modern society.

Applicable materials for MOPA laser marking machine:

Metals (including rare metals), engineering plastics, electroplating, coatings, rubber, epoxy resin, ceramics, ABS, PVC, PES, steel, titanium, copper and other metals.

MOPA laser engraving machine application industry:

Mobile phone keyboards, electronic components, integrated circuits (IC), electrical appliances, communication products, sanitary ware, tools, accessories, knives, glasses and clocks, jewelry, auto parts, luggage buckles, cooking utensils, stainless steel products and other industries.

The difference between Mopa fiber marking machine and fiber laser marking machine

1. The MOPA laser contains all the characteristics and functions of the fiber laser. On this basis, the pulse width, frequency, control waveform, etc. have been greatly improved, which is an upgrade to the fiber laser.

2. The stainless steel surface can be marked with color and black, and the aluminum oxide surface can be marked with black.

3. The company adopts the famous Chinese brand JPT to produce stable and high-quality laser light sources. The light source is 20w, 30w, 60w, 70w, JPT M1, M6, M7 type.

Features of Mopa Fiber Laser Marking Machine

1. The laser machine uses a scanning system to control the laser path of a high-speed magnetic induction motor, which has the advantages of high precision and fast speed.

2. The service life of the fiber laser model is more than 100,000 hours. There was little maintenance during that time.

3. Permanent marking: Laser marking is a permanent marking. It will not fade, fade or become unrecognizable like traditional markings, including inkjet, hand-engraved, and pointed signs.

4. Color and black can be marked on stainless steel, black can be marked on aluminum oxide

Application of Mopa fiber laser marking machine

1. Metal surface treatment, peel off coating, remove alumina surface.

Today, electronic products are getting thinner and thinner. Many computers and cell phones use a very thin aluminum oxide material. The pulse width parameter of the MOPA laser is very small, so that the material is not easily deformed and the marking pattern is finer. So MOPa laser is a good choice.

2. Anodized aluminum black, stainless steel black

This is usually a trademark, model number, text. Now more and more applications appear on the casings of electronic products such as mobile phones, which are marked with black trademarks and models. Like Huawei, Apple, Lenovo, etc., currently only MOPA laser can do this. The MOPA laser has a wide pulse width and frequency adjustment range, and adopts a narrow pulse width. High frequency parameters can have a black effect on the surface of the material.

3. Stainless steel color markers

Marking on stainless steel, you can make different color marks on stainless steel.

4. Plastic product marking

ABS, PC and other plastics

5. Material deep engraving, thin plate cutting

Deep engraving can choose 60w, 70w laser power can deeply engrave materials, and can also cut thin metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, alloys, brass, silver, gold, titanium.



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