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Mopa Laser Marking Machine Projects

  • Application of MOPA laser marking machine:mopa's laser marking machines are suitable for fine marking of metal and non-metallic materials. Such as digital product parts laser engraving black, mobile phone keys, light-transmitting keys, mobile phone shells, key panels, electronic components, oxidatio

  • What is a MOPA laser?At present, the types of pulsed fiber lasers used in laser marking on the market mainly include two types: Q-switching technology and MOPA technology. MOPA (Master Oscillator Power-Amplifier) laser refers to a laser structure in which a laser oscillator and an amplifier are casc

  • MOPA laser marking machine is a marking equipment using MOPA (adjustable pulse width) fiber laser. It has good pulse shape control ability. Compared with Q-switched fiber laser, MOPA fiber laser pulse frequency and pulse width are independently controllable. Through the adjustment and matching of tw

  • Through years of research and development, the laser heat effect generated by the stainless steel watch is used. Through the laser thermal effect, it is concluded that the laser energy density has a different relationship with the coloring reaction of the stainless steel surface.

  • Lasers are used more and more widely in society. Lasers are used in many different industries such as automotive, aerospace, medical, oil and gas, electronics, etc. It is an innovation in modern society.

  • A MOPA laser source is a great way to expand your marking capabilities and improve the quality of your marking results on certain plastics and metals. With a conventional fiber laser marker, markings on certain metals and plastics (especially if they are dark in color) can be less homogeneous and rich in contrast.

  • Fiber laser marking machine have very wide application, include color marking. We know it can be used on all metal marking, such as stainless steel, mild steel. Also include painted material and some plastic. Recent years, with the development of fiber laser technology, one new kind fiber laser type rise—— mopa laser color fiber laser marker.

  • As of today, Q-switch lasers are more common because they have already existed on the market for a longer time. That is why they are sometimes called “standard laser”. But due to their high flexibility, MOPA lasers like the FOBA Y.0201 and Y.0201-DN, are an interesting alternative for many applications.

  • Stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance, wear resistance, toughness, manufacturability, non-toxicity and clean decoration, and has been widely used in building materials, kitchenware and bathroom, automobiles, decoration, arts and crafts and other fields. Today, the editor will take you to learn about coloring on stainless steel

  • This article will introduce the marking effect and scope of application of the marking machine

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