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Operating Cost of Laser Welding Machine
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Operating Cost of Laser Welding Machine

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WELDING MACHINERecently, many friends have consulted with me about laser welding machines. Compared with the price of the machine, they are more concerned about the use of the machine and the subsequent operating cost. 

Today, HantenCNC will take you to learn more about our laser welding machines.

1.No need to install. Our customers can use it directly after receiving the machine. It is very easy to operate, no installation and training costs. We also provide customers with operation videos to ensure that the customer's use process is barrier-free and to ensure the customer's normal production.

2.The wearing parts of the handheld fiber laser welding machine are only the protective mirror and the copper nozzle. After purchase, we will send more randomly, and we will provide cost-price copper nozzles and protective glasses.

3.Compared with traditional argon arc welding, the handheld fiber laser welding machine does not need to use welding wire, and the wire feeder will only be used when the gap is greater than 0.5mm.

4.The maintenance of this machine is very simple. After completing the welding work, turn off the power and clean the welding head, which can extend the service life of the protective mirror and the copper nozzle.

5.In addition to fast-wearing parts, the machine consumes electricity and gas. For example, the power consumption of a 1kw machine at full power is 11kw to 12kw/hour. In fact, we usually only use 50%-60% of the 1000w power to weld metal, which is enough, so the power consumption is very small.

Hand-held fiber laser welding machine has a cost advantage over traditional welding

1.First of all, in terms of operation, ordinary welding workers' salary (ranging from 8000-15000 yuan), hand-held optical fiber welding machine operators can be employed for 3 days of additional training for newcomers, and they can operate proficiently in one month.

2.In terms of efficiency, the efficiency of optical fiber hand-held welding can be more than twice that of traditional welding.

3.Speaking of technology, compared with traditional welding, the welding depth of handheld laser welding can reach 3mm. In addition, the laser welding seam is smooth and delicate, which can save a lot of grinding and polishing time compared with traditional welding.

4.In terms of power consumption, the handheld fiber laser welding machine requires 3-5 kilowatt-hours of electricity per hour, and also requires an argon loss of about 5 yuan per hour. The overall cost is significantly higher than that of traditional welding.



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