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Performance Characteristics of Tube-sheet Integrated Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
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Performance Characteristics of Tube-sheet Integrated Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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Pipe fiber laser marking machineThe tube-sheet integrated fiber laser cutting machine is rapidly popularizing, and the demand for CNC cutting talents and laser tube cutting technology is growing rapidly. The laser tube-sheet integrated cutting machine quickly occupied various metal processing industries with its professional and stable cutting effect. The tube sheet laser cutting machine is a professional equipment for tube sheet and plate cutting. It has more advantages than other equipment in cutting tube sheets. No matter what kind of special-shaped tube sheet, it can cut efficiently and accurately. Traditional processing methods can no longer meet the requirements of high-speed market development and low-cost production models. The Hanteng laser tube-sheet dual-purpose fiber laser cutting machine was born.

Tube sheet fiber laser cutting machine, adopts gantry moving structure, double-sided gear rack synchronous drive, stable and reliable movement, it is the ideal choice for sheet metal tube laser cutting!

The body of the tube-sheet integrated cutting machine adopts an integral welded structure and a gantry beam design. Transmission: equipped with high-efficiency transmission mechanisms such as Japan's Shimpo high-rigidity precision reducer, YYC grinding rack and pinion, Taiwan HIWIN linear guide rail, etc., with good rigidity and high precision, ensuring long-term high-precision operation; the control system is domestic The leading Friendess controller is an organic combination of laser cutting, precision machinery, numerical control technology and other technologies. The main colors of blue and white are used to highlight the sense of technology and advancedness of the equipment. The overall beauty is generous and the operation is user-friendly.

Its main features:

1. Excellent beam quality: smaller focused spot, finer cutting lines, smooth cut, beautiful appearance, no distortion, higher work efficiency, and better processing quality.

2. Extremely high stability: using top fiber laser, compact structure, small size, fixed optical path, low energy consumption, stable cutting quality.

3. One machine with multiple functions, which can not only meet the cutting requirements of customers for flat plates, but also meet the cutting of round pipes and special-shaped pipes (square steel, flat iron, channel steel, square pipe), and the cost-effectiveness is extremely high.

4. The advanced chuck clamping system, the chuck self-adjusting center, automatically adjusts the clamping force according to the profile specifications to ensure that the thin tube is clamped without damage.

5. Compared with traditional tube cutting, this model has fast cutting speed and high precision, and the tube-sheet integrated cutting machine can realize the precision cutting of various special-shaped and complex patterns that are difficult to achieve by conventional methods.



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