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Personalized Custom Laser Marking Machine
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Personalized Custom Laser Marking Machine

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Laser marking machineWith the in-depth application of laser marking machines in various industries, many customers have more and more professional requirements for machine applications. The appearance of laser marking machine in the industry, even in a single product, gradually makes its application in the product more personalized. More and more end customers want to obtain a product that has special meaning for themselves or others. Maybe this is a special mobile phone case, maybe a special necklace, or even daily practical items in life, such as lighters, clothes, water glasses, etc. 

With the continuous growth of professional and personalized market demand, what should we do?

Maybe the laser marking machine you use can mark many products, but the effect is not very obvious. In addition, ordinary models can only mark materials on smooth surfaces. Many products require special components to achieve high-quality and high-efficiency marking requirements.Customized laser marking machine by Han Teng can meet your individual needs.

We manufacture various customized machines according to customer requirements from appearance to practical requirements. For example, we can assemble the required machines according to your color preferences. Our machines with rotating shaft tools can meet the marking requirements of non-planar products. If you want a special ring, give your bird a special bird ring and other round products, then this will be very suitable. If you want to mark pens, water bottles and cosmetic packaging, adding a disc is the best choice. In addition, we also provide convenient and practical workbenches and other accessories. Of course, we also provide a higher configuration for the marking software, so everyone can easily and practically mark pictures and texts, and even make all kinds of pictures by themselves.

If you want to have your own special meaning products, please contact us.



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