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Pipeline CCD Visual Positioning Automatic Marking
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Pipeline CCD Visual Positioning Automatic Marking

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fiber laser engraving machine

The visual laser marking system adopts vision + laser + operation control, a complete set of software design mode, especially suitable for new machine installation,Retrofit of old machines, installation of automatic marking system on the assembly line. It can be equipped with automatic marking methods such as assembly line and vibration plate. Solve the difficulty of visual import, and the system instability affects the customer's automated import process. The laser vision marking system is based on the actual situation of the industry.

Several key challenges were solved:

1. One-key automatic calibration, associating laser and visual coordinates

2. One-key distortion correction, suitable for high-precision occasions, to correct the visual lens

3. Self-adaptive automatic positioning mode, only need to draw a frame to realize automatic positioning function, marking single and multiple products.

4. The marking information can be fixed and changeable (support communication access, ASCII conversion, binary and hexadecimal and other modes)

5. Communication support: IO, TCP/IP, RS232, RS485 and other protocols

6, Multi-template product management, easy to switch between different products. Image follow mode.

The laser marking machine is equipped with a CCD coaxial visual positioning system. This technology uses the principle of visual positioning and identification. First, the product template is formulated, saved as a standard template, and the product is photographed during processing, and the computer is compared and positioned. After adjustment, the product can be processed precisely and accurately. The shape of the processed products can be identified as round, square, and irregular shapes; this process is especially suitable for small products, which can eliminate the processing of positioning, positioning trays and fixed fixtures, which greatly saves the processing cycle of laser marking. Compared with the traditional laser marking machine, the main advantage of the laser marking machine of the CCD vision positioning system is that each time the laser head is triggered to perform the printing task, the measured object needs to be positioned first, and then the laser head or the stage is adjusted. This enables accurate printing. It includes the following aspects: visual imaging, image processing, coordinate transformation, data communication, and executive control. Apply vision technology to the laser industry, subvert the traditional marking method, and achieve precise marking without fixture, at any angle, and at any position.



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