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Plastic Laser Marking Machine
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Plastic Laser Marking Machine

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  Plastic marking generally uses UV laser marking machine. Generally speaking, laser marking machines are widely used for metal and non-metal marking. Laser marking machine can be used in occasions with high information density such as numbers, characters, trademarks or machine-readable codes. It has high marking accuracy and no pollution. It also has the characteristics of fast marking speed, good marking effect and strong anti-counterfeiting ability.

  Ultraviolet laser is used to irradiate the plastic material, and the molecular chain structure on the surface of the plastic at the mark is destroyed by the laser, so that the color of the plastic changes, and clear text or patterns can be marked on the surface of the plastic material. Dark lines can be marked on light-colored plastics, and light-colored lines can be marked on dark plastics.

Principle of plastic marking:

  Lasers used for marking plastics typically generate radiation in the infrared wavelength range. Green and UV lasers target plastic and semiconductor materials. In the special marking application of laser marking machines, the use of UV wavelengths creates new possibilities for laser marking of plastics. Without heating, the short wave directly photochemically reacts with the plastic compound without causing damage to the material. Laser marking machines have played an irreplaceable role in the plastics industry.

UV Laser Markers for Printing Ceramics and Plastics



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