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Plastic Laser Welding Process of Automobile Tail Light
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Plastic Laser Welding Process of Automobile Tail Light

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Laser Welding MachineA form of laser welding known as laser transmission welding, first, two plastic parts to be welded are clamped together under pressure, and then a short-wave infrared laser is directed onto the parts to be bonded. The laser beam passes through an upper layer of transparent material and is then absorbed by the underlying material. Laser energy is absorbed and converted into heat as the two layers of material are pressed together. Thermal energy is transferred from the absorbing layer to the transparent layer, melting and bonding the two layers of material.

Plastic laser welding technology belongs to non-contact welding technology. Compared with other welding methods, it has the advantages of non-contact, impermeability, no leakage, fast welding speed, high precision, high weld strength, no flash, no residue, no vibration, minimal thermal stress, easy control, and good flexibility. , good adaptability and so on. Plastic laser welding has many advantages in the market and will replace traditional welding processes.



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