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Plastic Marking Solution-UV Laser Marking Machine
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Plastic Marking Solution-UV Laser Marking Machine

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Because the laser processing effect is exquisite, the speed is fast, and it saves time and electricity, labor and cost. Coupled with its environmental protection, permanence, and machine maintenance-free. Laser marking is now replacing the traditional ink printing process in industrial production and processing.

At present, most laser marking machines on the market are semiconductor laser marking machines, optical fiber marking machines, and CO2 laser marking machines. When laser engraving is performed on plastic shells and plastic materials, not all plastic materials can achieve beautiful results. These types of machines have relatively high requirements for materials, and some are very picky and cannot tolerate the slightest amount of sprue material. There are also some materials such as PP PE, which often have problems such as blistering, scorching, and unsightly on the surface during marking.

With the development of society, people have higher and higher requirements for products, and ordinary marking machines can no longer meet customer requirements for products.

In order to meet more and more demands, Han Teng Laser has successfully developed a machine suitable for marking more plastic materials-UV laser marking machine.

The core component of the UV laser marking machine is the UV laser, which has its unique advantages in laser processing: the UV laser has a short wavelength, small focus, and can achieve fine processing; the UV laser directly destroys the chemical bond of the material when laser processing is performed. The "cold" process has a small heat-affected zone, most materials can effectively absorb ultraviolet light, and many materials that cannot be processed by infrared and visible lasers can be processed.



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