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Plate and Tube Integrated Laser Cutting Machine, the Advantages of Plate and Tube Dual Use are Obvious
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Plate and Tube Integrated Laser Cutting Machine, the Advantages of Plate and Tube Dual Use are Obvious

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Tube-sheet Integrated Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

With the rapid development of the laser industry and the transformation and upgrading of the intelligent direction, the role of laser cutting machines in industry and manufacturing is becoming more and more important. Some customers need to cut pipes and plates, but do not want to buy two machines in order to save costs. At this time, the integrated laser cutting machine for plate and tube comes in handy.

For the cutting of metal materials, fiber laser cutting machines have gradually replaced gas laser cutting machines, but the existing fiber laser cutting machines need to manually adjust the laser cutting focus to adapt to different materials and thicknesses of plates, resulting in low adjustment accuracy, The efficiency is low, and the traditional fiber laser cutting machine can only process plates or pipes, and cannot process plates and pipes at the same time.

In the process of metal material processing, a chuck needs to be used to clamp and position the workpiece. The existing chuck is generally a four-jaw single-action chuck, which is composed of a disc body, four screw rods, and four jaws. When working, the four claws are driven by the four lead screws, and each claw moves independently, so that automatic centering is not possible, and the position of the workpiece is easy to shift, and it takes a long time to calibrate manually.

In response to some problems existing in the existing fiber laser cutting machine in cutting plates and tubes, HANTENCNC has developed a plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine.Because of its dual-purpose tube and plate, it combines high precision, high speed, and high cost performance. It is welcomed by many manufacturers and customers. It is more and more widely used in industrial production. Compared with traditional cutting equipment, the plate and tube are integrated. Laser cutting machines also have various advantages that they cannot match.

1.Equipped with a pneumatic self-centering chuck, it can realize symmetrical independent double-action clamping, and the clamping process does not require manual intervention and adjustment.

2.The professional laser cutting system is compatible with the processing of plates and pipes. It has graphic nesting and sharp corner smoothing functions, and can realize high-speed punching and marking functions. The cutting head can automatically find the edge and position the center of the pipe.

3.The machine tool uses a high-strength square tube welding process, which has high precision and stability, and effectively eliminates the vibration generated during the high-speed cutting process.

4.Mainly used for cutting carbon steel, silicon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized sheet, galvanized sheet, copper and other metal pipes or plates fast laser cutting, round hole square hole, irregular pattern cutting and so on.

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