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Portable 30W CO2 Laser Marking---High Precision
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Portable 30W CO2 Laser Marking---High Precision

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The CO2 laser marking machine uses a laser beam according to user needs to mark long-lasting product or commodity marks on the surface of the material. The marking effect marked by the co2 laser marking machine is mainly the evaporation of the laser through the surface material, exposing the inner layer of the marked material, thus showing beautiful patterns, exquisite trademarks, clear dates, LOGO or exquisite text . Let's talk about the 30w carbon dioxide laser marking machine. For now, the 30w carbon dioxide laser marking machine is generally used in some marking occasions that require more precise, finer and higher precision, such as food, medicine, alcohol, and electronic circuits. Compared with common inkjet printers, the advantage of CO2 laser marking machine is that it does not need consumables and maintains the longevity of marking.

Working Principle of CO2 Laser Marking Machine

The 30w carbon dioxide laser marking machine uses CO2 gas as the working medium, and other auxiliary gases are charged to the electrode on the discharge tube to pressurize, so that the discharge tube glows and releases electrical energy until the gas emits a laser with a wavelength of 10.64um. Then the laser energy is continuously enlarged, after focusing, under the control of the numerical control system, according to the needs of the user, the graphic, line laser marking machine bar or digital mark is printed.

In the CO2 laser marking machine family, there is a 30w carbon dioxide laser marking machine. It has a long experimental life, fast working speed, and fine and clear marking marking lines. It is suitable for individual marking or batch marking, which greatly improves production efficiency. The use of CO2 laser marking machine needs to pay attention to maintenance. CO2 laser marking machine cannot be used in a humid environment. If there is an unknown reason for placing the spot, it should be shut down immediately, overhauled, and the fault can be removed before continuing to use.

Application of CO2 Laser Marking Machine

30W Co2 laser marking machine is widely used in the marking and cutting of clothing leather, buttons, glasses, craft gifts, electronic components, food packaging, plexiglass, fabric cutting, architectural ceramics, PCB, rubber products, shell nameplates and other industries.

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