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Precautions and Methods for Buying Laser Welding Machines
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Precautions and Methods for Buying Laser Welding Machines

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Laser Welding Machine

Many customers do not understand the working method of laser welding machines, and do not know how to buy laser welding machines. The traditional electric welding machines that customers generally contact, argon arc welding machines are mainly used for manual welding, while laser welding machines are mainly automatic welding. requires a lot of supporting functions, so when customers buy laser welding, they often don't know how to choose, and some are confused.

The laser welding machine must be composed of two parts, the first part is the host, and the second part is the walking mode

First, it is necessary to determine what kind of laser welding host to use. The laser welding host is responsible for emitting laser light, and will not move or automatically switch the light. Welders will only burn like melted electrodes. It will not actively weld itself, it needs people to operate the welding, and the same is true for the laser welding host.

Therefore, before choosing a laser welding machine, you must first understand the customer's product, what material, thickness, welding method (butt joint, lap joint, splicing), process requirements (strength, weld smoothness, sealing, etc.), so as to judge what to use What kind of configuration parameters are used for the laser welding host. It needs to be explained here that the selection of the laser welding host only means that the laser emitted by such a host can weld the customer's products. The host will only emit light, will not follow the weld, nor will it automatically weld, just like a argon arc welding machine. It can weld steel plates, but it cannot be welded by itself without manual operation.

Second, after selecting the host, it is necessary to determine the walking mode and the fixture scheme. For example, using hand-held welding, robotic welding, XYZ automatic table welding, rotary chuck welding, galvanometer welding, composite walking welding and so on. Finally, according to the product to determine what kind of tooling fixture, clamp the product for positioning, it is also necessary to consider whether the loading and unloading is convenient and so on. For example, if the product is round, it is welded by rotary method, the welding surface of the product is flat, and the XYZ platform is used for welding. The product is relatively large and irregular, and the welding seam is different in height and multi-faceted, such as automobile exhaust pipe, Cuihua device etc., it is best to use robotic welding.

As can be seen from the above, before customers choose a laser welding machine, they must first contact the manufacturer's personnel to inform the welding product situation and welding requirements in detail, and then the manufacturer's technicians can determine what kind of welding scheme to use and what kind of welding to match according to the product situation. The main engine, what kind of walking method, what kind of fixtures are designed, etc. At the same time, after these are confirmed, the manufacturer will calculate the price and give you the final quotation.



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