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Precautions for Buying a UV Printer
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Precautions for Buying a UV Printer

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What is a UV printer?

The full name of UV printer is Ultraviolet LED Inkjet Printer, which is a digital inkjet printer using UV cold light curing technology.

UV printer is a new type of printing equipment that has only appeared in recent years. Previously, UV printing technology was mainly applied to UV flatbed printers, and the printing media was basically for sheet printing. With the maturity of UV cold light curing technology, the price of industrial UV printers has become more and more civilian. To some extent, it can be said that the UV printer is an upgraded version of the photo machine; it can also be called the UV photo machine. Applications include indoor and outdoor advertising, decoration, personalized gifts, printing and packaging, and so on. It can be printed in full color on cloth, glass, ceramic tile, crystal, acrylic, PVC, metal, plastic, stone, leather, flexible coil, rigid plate and other media, and the finished product is very fast.


When buying a UV printer, what aspects should we pay attention to?

1. Look at the nozzle

The nozzle represents the core technology of the uv flatbed printer. The higher the specifications of the nozzles that can be selected, and the higher the number of nozzles that can be equipped on the device, it proves that its technical level is very high. Each series of sprinklers are divided into low-end, mid-end, high-end, and top-end sprinklers with different model numbers. If you are not a professional user, you can't remember these names. You can look at the price. After all, you get what you pay for. Expensive nozzles must be better than cheaper nozzles in terms of core performance. There is no good and cheap uv flatbed printer nozzle.


2. Look at the format

The overall format, if the format of the UV printer is larger, it can reflect the level of hardware design of this UV flatbed printer company. Although you may not be able to use such a large format UV printer, when you choose a UV marking machine, You can ask the company's salesperson if there is a large UV printer and what is the largest printing format. Compare them with each other.


3. Look at the core accessories

You can look at brands such as curing lamps, gantry milling motors, guide rails, screw rods, etc. The quality of the big brands is more assured. If the parts used are all unknown small brands, please be cautious, otherwise the failure rate in the later period will be a headache. 



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