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Precautions for The Use of Co2 Laser Lenses
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Precautions for The Use of Co2 Laser Lenses

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In general power output lasers, most of the lenses absorb a specific laser wavelength due to the manufacturing process or external pollution, etc., which shortens the life of the lenses over time, and affects the use or even stops due to damage to the lenses. situation occurs from time to time. The increase of the absorption of the laser wavelength by the lens will cause uneven heating to cause the reflection of the lens, the refractive index changes, and the uneven distribution of the laser power when the laser wavelength is transmitted or reflected from the high absorption lens, so that the center temperature of the lens is high, and the edge temperature is low. This kind of change is called the lens effect in optics.

The thermal lens effect caused by the high absorption of the lens due to contamination can cause many problems. The generation of irreversible thermal stress on the lens substrate, the power loss when the light beam propagates through the lens, the offset movement of the focused spot position, and the premature damage of the coating layer can all lead to the damage of the lens. For the lenses exposed to the air, when we do cleaning, we often do not follow the requirements and precautions for lens cleaning, and take random materials, which will cause new pollution or even scratch the lenses, resulting in irreparable losses. Therefore, based on years of experience, it is concluded that: no matter which type of optical lens is kept clean, it is the most important, and having good cleaning habits to carefully clean the lens can reduce or remove the pollution caused by human factors. Such as fingerprints and saliva flowers. As a common sense, when operating the optical system by hand, no matter cleaning, disassembly, or installation, you must wear finger cots or medical gloves, and always follow the requirements and precautions for cleaning lenses. During the cleaning process, only the prescribed materials such as optical lens tissue, cotton swabs, reagent grade ethanol. Taking shortcuts in cleaning, disassembling and installing any lens will shorten the life of the lens, or even permanently damage it. Therefore, we need to use common sense to prevent the lens from being contaminated by other reasons, such as moisture, smoke, dust and so on. After confirming that a certain lens is contaminated, we should blow the lens with an ear-washing ball until there are no particles on the surface. Never blow it with your mouth. Because most of the blown air contains oil, water, etc., it will further contaminate the lens. If there is still contamination on the surface of the ear ball after washing, we must use a special cotton swab dipped in laboratory-grade acetone and ethanol to gently wipe it. This will remove most thin layers of contamination. The contamination of the lens in the CO2 laser will cause serious acquisition errors to the laser output and even the data acquisition system. If we can keep the lens clean frequently, it will prolong the service life of the whole machine.



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