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Precision Laser Cutting Machine
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Precision Laser Cutting Machine

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Precision Cutting Machine 3

The precision laser cutting machine is a special cutting equipment designed by using laser technology and numerical control technology. It has the characteristics of stable laser power, good beam pattern, high peak power, high efficiency, low cost, safety, stability, and easy operation.

Working principle of precision cutting machine

Precision laser cutting machine uses high-energy pulsed laser to cut objects. The xenon lamp is pulsed by the laser power source to form a light wave with a certain frequency and pulse width, which is radiated on the workpiece through the condenser cavity to melt and vaporize locally to achieve cutting.

The equipment is equipped with a high-precision numerical control worktable controlled by a working PC. During cutting, high-precision cutting and drilling are performed on the laser frequency, pulse width, worktable speed, and moving direction.

Applicable materials for precision cutting machine

The 8MM laser cutting machine is mainly used for non-contact cutting and perforating of metal plates and pipes. The minimum cutting gap can reach 0.1mm. It is especially suitable for cutting and perforating materials such as stainless steel plates, iron plates, silicon wafers, and ceramic wafers.

Precision cutting machine industry application

It is widely used in precision electronics, decoration, mold, mobile phone digital, sheet metal and hardware industries.

Features of precision cutting machine

1. The working area is large, and the cutting process is omitted, which is suitable for mass production.

2. Fast cutting speed, high working efficiency and high stability performance.

3. The cutting seam is small, the deformation is small, the cutting surface is smooth, flat and beautiful, without subsequent processing.

4. High precision, more suitable for precision parts processing and cutting of various fine crafts.

5. Professional control software, flexible work, simple and convenient operation.



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