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Principle and Application of 3D Crystal Laser Inner Engraving
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Principle and Application of 3D Crystal Laser Inner Engraving

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inner laser engravingPrinciple of Laser Inner Engraving

Most of the handicrafts commonly seen are not real crystals, but artificial crystals. "Laser" is the most useful tool for "internal engraving" of man-made crystals (also called "crystal glass"). Using laser inner engraving technology, the plane or three-dimensional pattern is "carved" in the crystal glass.

Engraving is an ancient art. Generally, the engraving process starts from the outside, carving out the desired shape from the outside of the material, but the laser can go inside the crystal to show its hands and feet. Upon closer inspection, there are no openings around these glass and crystal products for "carving knives" to enter and exit. The principle of laser inner engraving is actually very simple. For a laser to be able to engrave glass, its energy density must be greater than a critical value, or threshold value, that will destroy the glass, and the energy density of the laser at a certain point is related to the size of its spot at that point. The same laser, the smaller the spot The greater the energy density generated in the place. In this way, through proper focusing, the energy density of the laser can be lower than the glass damage threshold before it enters the glass and reaches the processing area, and exceeds this critical value in the area to be processed, and the laser generates pulses in a very short time. Its energy can cause the crystal to be heated and ruptured in an instant, resulting in extremely small white spots, carving a predetermined shape inside the glass, while the rest of the glass or crystal remains intact.

Laser Inner engraving application

The combination of laser processing system and computer numerical control technology can form high-efficiency automatic processing equipment, which opens up broad prospects for high-quality, high-efficiency and low-cost processing and production. The laser inner engraving machine is a high-tech integration new laser peripheral processing equipment that combines laser technology and computer technology.

The laser inner engraving machine adopts high-performance laser and numerical control technology, and realizes three-dimensional dynamic precision laser engraving in crystal and glass through self-developed optical system, control system and computer software, which solves the problem of slow engraving speed, unstable system work, and loss Laser points have problems with incomplete functions of image and word processing software, use of computer interface control cards, uneven laser explosion points, imperfect automatic control devices, and low cost-effective equipment. Comprehensively improve the efficiency, accuracy, maintainability, versatility and safety of the system.



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