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Process Principle of Laser Cutting Glass
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Process Principle of Laser Cutting Glass

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Ultrafast lasers have peak power densities and obtain micron-scale beams by focusing the head. When a light beam acts on a glass material, the light intensity at the center of the beam is lower than that at the edge, so that the refractive index change at the center of the material is greater than that at the edge, the propagation speed of the center of the beam is slower than that at the edge, and the nonlinear optical Kerr effect of the beam seems to produce self-focusing, continue Improve power density. Before reaching a certain energy threshold, the material generates a low-density plasma, which reduces the refractive index at the center of the material and realizes the defocusing of the beam. In the actual cutting of glass, the focusing system and focal length are optimized to realize the repeated focusing/defocusing process to form stable perforations.

Wire cutting has become a viable technology, a mature solution in the laser industry, and at the same time, has been widely used in the display industry. When an ultrafast laser beam propagates through a glass material, while the presence of Kerr from the plasma focus and the defocused beam form a long distance in the material, the micron-sized wire holes both reach dynamic equilibrium, which can be Extend the depth by a few millimeters. The motor controls the linear movement of the many wire holes of the glass workpiece relative to the laser beam to generate equal intervals, by optimizing the spacing of the micro-cracks in the above-mentioned wire holes in the diameter direction. The presence of micro-cracks in the glass exerts special effects, increased stress in the micro-cracks, micro-cracks in the glass, for the purpose of cutting.

For domestic glass production and processing enterprises, the laser spot can be shaped into a "long filament" through an optical diffraction device. According to different glass thicknesses, we need to be equipped with a cutting head with a corresponding depth of focus. Adjust the laser focus position through the Z-axis of the network device to confirm the focus of the laser cutting glass sample; generate the cutting map file by learning the software design, and make the glass sample move along the map file path through the motion of these linear motors. The large glass cutting samples under the corresponding graphics; and then the whole plate glass cutting product quality is subjected to the whole plate cleaning, strengthening, silk screen and other glass post-processing processes, and finally a specific splintering method has been used to obtain small pieces of glass with a certain shape. finished product. In addition, after the product development and debugging work is completed, the parameters, including the parameters, can be directly saved to the software environment parameter library, and then can be directly called according to the type and thickness of the corresponding glass sample, and the glass product can be cut.



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