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Reasons why UV laser marking machines are valued
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Reasons why UV laser marking machines are valued

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uv laser marking machine

Ultraviolet laser marking machine mainly uses its unique low-power laser beam, especially suitable for ultra-precision processing of high-end market, cosmetics, medicine, video and other polymer materials packaging bottle surface marking, the effect is fine, the marking is firm and clean, better than spraying Ink marking and pollution-free; flexible printed circuit board marking and slicing; silicon microvia, wafer blind via processing; two-dimensional code marking, glass surface punching, metal surface coating marking, plastic keys, electronic components, Gifts, communication equipment, building materials, etc.

Ultraviolet laser marking equipment, with the characteristics of laser equipment, can realize online flying marking function on the assembly line, mainly for shallow marking of thin and fragile items, such as photovoltaic solar glass, etc.

Ultraviolet laser marking machine is one of the series products of laser marking machine, which is a newly developed laser processing technology. Since the traditional laser marking machine uses laser as the thermal processing technology, the improvement of precision is limited, and the ultraviolet laser marking machine The use of the standard machine is cold working, so the thermal impact is minimized, which is a great leap forward in laser technology.

During ultraviolet laser processing, the high-energy molecules of ultraviolet photons can directly detach the molecules on the processing material, and this method does not generate heat, which is the difference between it and traditional processing.



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