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Relief Effect, UV Printer Can Also Achieve
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Relief Effect, UV Printer Can Also Achieve

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uv color printerUV flatbed printers are more and more widely used in all walks of life. In industries such as advertising, home decoration, crafts processing, packaging, and digital enclosures, the use of UV printers is not uncommon. We all know that a UV printer can be used to print beautiful patterns on any flat product. If I want a more three-dimensional effect, can the UV printer achieve it? The UV printer known as the "universal printer" can of course!

The artistic expression of color relief is diversified, and it is the innovative charm of the combination of traditional carving crafts and colorful painting crafts. Relief is a sculptural effect that shows a sense of unevenness on the surface of the object. The product with embossed effect is printed. The level of the picture is more distinct, the three-dimensional feeling is stronger, the touch is smooth, the hand feels fine, and the embossed effect can more highlight the product highlights , Add product features. This unique effect cannot be achieved with other types of printers, and can only be achieved with uv printers.

For Han Ten UV printer, spot color channels are added when drawing, and white ink is used when printing relief effects. Printing on the material with white ink creates a three-dimensional effect on the surface of the material. The higher the thickness of the stack, the more obvious the relief effect. After the white ink printing is completed, finally use color ink to print the selected pattern on the surface of the material. Easily realize a series of exquisite three-dimensional relief patterns that are vivid and vivid.



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