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Retrofit of CCD Coaxial Vision Positioning Laser Marking Machine
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Retrofit of CCD Coaxial Vision Positioning Laser Marking Machine

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marking engravingThe visual positioning laser marking machine system has three series of coaxial, pseudo-coaxial and paraxial, and the visual positioning range can be designed according to the field lens range, and the precision is optional. Can an ordinary laser marking machine be converted into a CCD visual positioning laser marking machine? Of course, you only need to replace the board of the laser marking machine with a board for CCD visual positioning, and then install a CCD. HanTen Laser sells boards and CCDs, which can assist you to install the CCD vision positioning system on the company's existing marking machines, without the need for you to purchase laser marking machine equipment.

The advantages of laser marking machine installation CCD coaxial vision positioning:

1. Small-sized products are no longer a pain that laser marking does not dare to touch. With the addition of vision, "small" becomes "big", and the accuracy problem that traditional marking machines cannot control is solved here.

2. The precise positioning of CCD solves the accuracy problem of ordinary laser marking machines.

3. The angle and position of product placement are no longer restricted. Just place the product within the light output range of the laser field mirror, and there are no other requirements.

4. If you add a conveyor belt, it can improve the efficiency of your compliance and increase your output.



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