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Sharing the Technical Parameters of Laser Marking Machine
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Sharing the Technical Parameters of Laser Marking Machine

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laser marking machine1.Laser power supply electric current

Controlling the output power of the laser source. The electric current is higher, the laser power is also higher.

2. Frequency

Controlling the peak power of laser and the laser pulse number in unit time. The higher of the frequency value, the smaller of the peak power, the pulse number is more.

3. Graphic fill spacing

Control the degree of solidity in the marked graphics. The smaller of the graphic spacing, the denser of the filling the closer of the figure is to solid. Of course, the more lines, the processing time is also longer. And the converse is also true.

4.The fill angle

Controlling the direction of the fill line, determining the lines in the graphics. The common filling angle is: 0 degrees or 180 degrees; 90 degrees; 45 degrees; 135 degrees.

5.The marking speed of laser marking machine

Controlling the speed of laser marking, which is the processing speed of the laser marking machine--the speed of the laser output when the line is scribed.

6.Empty speed

The speed of the laser scanning and processing the graphics frame. The speed of the laser from the initial point to the processing starting point.

The parameters that do not need to be adjusted frequently are: coincidence of line sealing, filling and wheel hub generally default . The above effects mainly determine the line effect of marking graphics

7.On laser light delayed 

The delay of the laser source outputs the laser momently.

8.Off laser light delayed

The time delay of the laser when the laser source is turned off.

9.Laser light corner delay

When the included angle is greater than 135 degrees, the delay of the laser at the corner.

10.Laser jump delay

The delay between the laser light is turned off to the light is turned on.

In summary, the basic control parameters of the laser marking machine's marking software are the same no matter how the control interface changes. Because different software algorithms will be different, so when the same control menu is filled with the same parameters, the effect will be a little different.



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