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Should You Only Pay Attention to the Price When Buying a Marking Machine?
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Should You Only Pay Attention to the Price When Buying a Marking Machine?

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Fiber Laser Marking Machine

At present, the application field of laser marking machine is gradually expanding, and its advantages such as high cost performance, long life, simple operation, and wide range of marking materials have been recognized by more industry customers. People pay great attention to high-quality and cheap items, so the price of laser marking machine has always been the focus of customers' attention. Because whether it is for individuals or companies, whether it is product identification packaging or traceability, laser marking machines will become an inevitable choice to improve production efficiency and product appearance packaging levels.

How to Choose a Laser Marking Machine

Some laser marking machine is expensive,orthers are cheaper. If you are marking wood products and non-metallic materials, we recommend CO2 laser marking machine that is relatively affordable. Because it is suitable for most non-metallic materials, it can not only be used as a stand-alone machine, but also can be installed on an assembly line for joint use. The control software of CO2 marking machine supports background software such as autocad, photoshop, etc. The system is powerful and easy to master at the same time.

If you want to mark integrated circuit chips, computer accessories, etc., we recommend fiber laser marking machines. All kinds of marking machines adopt international advanced laser technology, with good quality, small size and fast speed,Long working hours, flexible installation, etc.

Our Suggestion

It is recommended that when buying a laser marking machine, you should not simply consider the price, but also the brand, quality, after-sales and other factors of the marking machine. Hanteng Laser recommends that users be able to briefly understand the basic knowledge of purchase before choosing a marking machine, and then select a suitable marking machine with your laser marking machine supplier 



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