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Solution to the Problem of Walking Disorder of CNC Cutting Machine
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Solution to the Problem of Walking Disorder of CNC Cutting Machine

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Some users have reported that the CNC cutting machine does not cut according to the specified graphics during the cutting process of the CNC cutting machine, and the phenomenon of random walking occurs. In order for users to use the CNC cutting machine with more confidence and satisfaction, Hanteng will ensure that there is no problem with the programming track. CNC summarized the main external reasons that can cause the machine to travel disorderly as follows:

1. There are strong interference sources around the equipment:

Many equipment in the factory itself will generate a large number of electromagnetic and pulse interference groups, such as welding machines, plasma cutting machines, etc., these interference sources will directly enter the inside of the cutting machine system, causing varying degrees of impact, and even the possibility of instantaneous destruction of the system. The location of the CNC cutting machine should be more than 10 meters away from various interference sources.

2. The equipment is not grounded or grounded incorrectly:

The CNC cutting equipment must be grounded correctly and reliably. The correct and reliable method is to ground the ground separately, instead of connecting the ground wire with the ground wire of other equipment, and drill the pile at a damp location below 1m deep.

3. The control system of the CNC cutting machine itself is unstable:

This is because in order to reduce costs, some manufacturers develop low-cost operating systems without relevant technical strength, which makes them prone to chaos in the harsh industrial environment.

4. The operator does not operate the system correctly:

Incorrect operation will also cause the CNC cutting machine to crash or run randomly. The correct operation is that during normal cutting, please do not press other buttons at will.

5. The system has weak anti-interference ability:

The CNC cutting machine system must not only perform cutting tasks, but also resist various high-frequency pulse group interference and other sources of interference in harsh environments. In addition to the best prevention work within the system, it must also interact with the system. All related connecting wires are shielded and isolated.



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