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Stainless Steel Vacuum Cup Laser Marking Machine
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Stainless Steel Vacuum Cup Laser Marking Machine

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Fiber Laser Marking Machine (4)

The fiber laser beam of Shandong Jinan Hanteng Laser is transmitted by optical fiber, and the high-speed movement of the beam is controlled by X, Y scanning mirrors (its speed is more than 3 times that of traditional marking machines), so as to process exquisite patterns. Generally, fiber laser marking machine is used to mark the thermos cup. Whether you are printing a brand LOGO, text, or a pattern composed of fine lines on the vacuum flask, it can be achieved with a vacuum flask laser marking machine.

Most of the current vacuum flasks are mainly made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is a very versatile engineering material in the world today, and it can be used in various industries and fields. From consumer goods to cooking utensils, from surgical instruments to roofs, stainless steel is the main choice for making various materials. Corresponding to the wide application of stainless steel materials, the vacuum flask laser marking machine is a very versatile industrial marking tool.

Whether these marks are simple letters and numbers that indicate the date of production, or a more refined bar code or two-dimensional code, the vacuum flask laser marking machine of Shandong Jinan Han Teng Laser can complete the marking work. Regardless of whether these signs are single lines, outlines, or filled fonts-no matter what the user has, as long as the user can express these requirements on the drawing, the vacuum flask laser marking machine can copy them to metal materials. Various patterns can be marked on the cup body, and the QR code is not a problem. You can also customize the pattern according to the user, and have an exclusive at any time.

Compared with the traditional method, the vacuum flask laser marking machine is processed very quickly and with high precision. The graphics can be customized by computer programming, and the environmental and health consumables are low. Therefore, laser marking has become a new type of processing method. As long as the graphics are produced, they can be proofed on site. It can not only mark pattern logo, but also holiday blessing. As for the laser marking machine, no matter the cup or water bottle is tall, short, fat or thin, it can be transformed into a gorgeous one!



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