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Stainless steel laser cutting, do this, completely solve the "burr" problem
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Stainless steel laser cutting, do this, completely solve the "burr" problem

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  Stainless steel products are widely used in the market, and the stainless steel laser cutting process is also widely used. The laser cutting process has the advantages of fast cutting speed, good flexibility, strong processing ability, and wide cutting range. But there are also some technological problems in the cutting process,corresponding solutions are needed to improve the cutting effect.

Stainless steel laser cutting burr problem

  Whether there is burr in stainless steel laser cutting is an important evaluation criterion that affects the quality of laser cutting, because the burr not only affects the aesthetics of the cutting edge of the product, but also affects the later use. Many burrs require us to invest extra time and spend to remove them.

Burr solutions

  First of all, it is necessary to check whether the output of laser energy meets the requirements, whether the light spot on the surface of the stainless steel workpiece is round enough, and ensure that the light spot is coaxial with the central hole of the nozzle. The better the coaxiality between the light spot and the central hole of the nozzle, the better the cutting quality. The circular light spot means that the energy distribution of the light spot formed after being focused by the lens is uniform, and the lateral distribution of the laser energy is normal, so that qualified cutting quality can be achieved;

  Secondly to check the laser transmission lens and lens hardware whether there are small particles, dust or splash residue and other debris, these will also affect the quality of cutting, but also check whether the laser lens has small cracks, and these cracks are not easy to find with the naked eye, but also affect the transmission of laser energy.

  The burrs generated after laser cutting of stainless steel are very hard, and the subsequent removal is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also affects the beauty of the workpiece. It is very necessary to solve the root cause. Only after making sure that the above two points are checked normally, and whether the laser equipment itself is normal, it is necessary to further adjust the process parameter settings.



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