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Summary of the Use skills of UV Flatbed Printers
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Summary of the Use skills of UV Flatbed Printers

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UV printers are now being used more and more, but many customers still worry about damaging the machine inadvertently. So today, the editor summarizes four usage tips, hoping to be helpful to the majority of users

1. Don't start the UV flatbed printer frequently

The UV flatbed printer is different from other printers. It is best not to start it frequently, because every time the printer is started, the printer has to clean the print head and initialize the printer, and fill the ink delivery system. Of course, some ink is wasted. A penny for ink" Ah! In addition, if you press and hold the resume (reset) button at the top for more than 2 seconds, the printer will also clean the print head. Therefore, if the printer is out of paper, press the resume button quickly after loading the paper, not more than 2 seconds.

2. Use the ink cartridge for the first time and set it to save state

The number of sheets that can be printed by the ink cartridge is variable, mainly depending on the print type you set when you first use it. If the ink cartridge is set to the photo mode when it is first installed, and actually only a few photos are printed, the program will often calculate more Some ink usage; if it is set to save mode at the beginning, the program may under-calculate the ink usage and show that there is ink remaining when the ink is actually used up.

3. Choose a suitable printing mode

The UV flatbed printer itself provides several printing modes, and the degree of ink consumption is different for different printing modes. If you are only printing ordinary documents, the editor recommends using the "Economical Printing Mode" function, which can save half of the ink and greatly increase the printing speed. Of course, if you want to pursue print quality, you can only choose other print modes.

4. Solve the color cast phenomenon

If the color printed by your UV flatbed printer is inconsistent with the color displayed on the screen, it means that there is a color cast phenomenon in the printing. Here to remind you that the main reason for this phenomenon is improper software settings, or because the printer driver version is too low, or users have made some improper settings in the printing software settings. If the above failure causes are eliminated, we should learn to calibrate the screen display and the actual printing effect. Different printing software has different specific correction methods. It is recommended that you open the printer option of commonly used software when printing is normal, and record the settings at this time; when there are any problems in the future, you don’t have to bother to analyze it. The reason, the problem can be solved after easily restoring to the previous settings.



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